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The Hammer of God is a royal relic designed for the sole use of warriors to defeat spellcasters.

Appearance and Magical Properties[]

This massive greatsword is over three feet in length, bordering on four, and is usually about the same height as the average halfling, and almost equaling them in myth as well. It was designed initially for the king to have a tactic against spellcasters and to be able to deal heavy damage in combat without relying too much on speed, as the man was quite heavy.

The blade can only be lifted by an Elf or Avariel of Lawful Good alignment, and is particularly deadly when it comes in contact with Outsiders or any kind of Undead creature, having a sort of smiting effect. On command from whoever wields it, the sword with glow as bright as a torch. It bestows it's wielder with the ability to Jump extreme heights far beyond the norm of the races, as well as able to slow down their fall to the point that an elf may jump of the tip of a tower and settle down slow enough so as not to be harmed. Once it is touched by anyone other than the one it has been adapted to, it will let out an audible alarm. If this blade is to critically wound an individual, that individual is dropped down in his level of power.

The Weapon[]

This large weapon has a hilt that is almost a foot long, with no particular design on the hilt, not much more than thick rubber. The pommel of this weapon has a golden skull for an adorenment. On either side of the handguards, as well as at the very center, right where the handle and the blade meet, are three small golden skulls which serve as decorations.

The blade itself is golden in color, but has been known to occasionally turn black, particularly when touched by goblin or drow blood.


The weapon was designed by Avariel royalty for the use of the king, but was eventually left to rot in the bottoms of the castles when it was seen that their major enemy were dragons, and not spellcasters or other beings they could fight with weapons such as this. The weapon did not pick up too much history in it's time here, and was eventually taken by Listill Mae'kun who used it to his own ends. The crusader has carried it with him ever since, using it whenever the time calls for martial force.