The Poet is a sentient Epic Weapon crafted by Sam Holloway for Hextor VIII. It gets its name from the poetry it commonly recites at horridly inappropriate times. It's blade can glow with a golden light at will. When not lit, the blade is silver. The hilt is also silver, and the guard appears to be a face, with the blade coming out of the mouth. The face animates when it talks.

  • It is a +2 Cold Iron Spireshard Stalactite Rapier of Speed.
  • The Poet is sentient and treated as an NPC. It has Charisma 23, Wisdom 20, and Intelligence 12. It is of a Chaotic Neutral Alignment. Its purpose is to defend Scaled Ones.
  • It can speak aloud in Common, but cannot converse in any other way.
  • One who weilds the Poet does not need to sleep or breathe. They can detect magic at will and have access to the Blind Fight feat.
  • They can use True Seeing at will, Shield 3/day, and Charm Person (DC 11) on contact 3/day
  • Stoneskin (wielder only; extended; 400-minute duration) 3/day, and Foresight 1/day
  • The Poet has 10 ranks in Perform (Recite) and Perform (Sing)