The Library is a storehouse of wonderful (but not necessarily vital) information for creating your character and roleplaying on Faerun.

Helpful LinksEdit

The Hypertext: This contains all the core information to the 3.5ed we play in. Things like basic races, classes, feats, monsters, and planes can be found here, along with rules on epic, divine, and psionic characters. A good place to start if you've never played DnD before.

Crystal Keep: The Crystal Keep contains several different PDFs. Each PDF is basically a reference place for you to search information compliled from almost every 3.5 soucebook. If you've found something you like but want more information on it, search for the sourcebook as a PDF on google to download. If you can't find it, the staff are always willing to help.

Character Sheet Generator: As the name implies, it generates a character sheet and gives you lots of options to choose from. If you don't know how to make a character sheet, this is a very handy tool.

Forgotten Realms Wiki: Contains a lot of random information on Faerun and the FR setting. Beware, though, that some information is 4ed.

Sourcebooks: A collection of a few of the 3.5ed sourcebooks. Most of the sourcebooks listed there to download are 3.5ed.

Misc. LinksEdit

Model Mayhem: A good place to start looking if you're wanting a real life play by that isn't a famous celebrity.

deviantART: A good place to find pictures in general along with real life or drawn/painted/digitally created play bys.