The Ebon Jewel is a notably powerful magical item created through the combined powers of Emmeline, Reaper, and Crenshinibon. Reaper, having assumed Saetan's identity prior to his death provided the item with Saetan's memories and a fragment of his personality. Emmeline channeled the divine might of Bane into the artifact so that it might turn Bane's Chosen to his former self. Crenshinibon provided the raw arcane energy necessary to create the item - adding a bit of its own seductive power to the item as well.

Emmeline left the jewel for Sam to find. When she came across the item, she instantly recognized that it posed some potential danger. The power and information it held, however, was far too tempting for her not to take advantage of.

Strong transmutation; CL 21st; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Sanctify Relic Item, fox's cuning, miracle, wish, greater scrying, invisibility, mindlink, ethereal, creator must be a Banite, item must be fueled by an artifact's power, item must be created by one with a fragment of the jewel's personality; Cost 1,000,000 gp + 5,200 XP.


  • The Ebon Jewel acts as a spellbook - having stored 200 pages of spells. Spells can be removed and added to the spellbook.
  • +8 enchantment bonus intelligence
  • After being worn for 24 hours, the wearer can prepare a bonus number of spell levels equal to his/her Caster level.
  • Can access all the information stored within Saetan's personal library - including his innumerable magical scrolls and the Nether Scrolls. As a full-round action, the weilder can access one book or scroll and "read" it as if she was holding the script in front of her.
  • The fracture of Saetan's former personality contained within the Jewel can speak with the weilder telepathically at will. It can also cast suggestion on the wearer 1 / week.
  • The Ebon Jewel appears to be a cut diamond tinted to the purest of blacks. It is about the size of a clenched fist, and it can temporarily adhere itself to the forhead of its weilder - and can become invisible and incorporeal at will when adhered.