Shadovar Hands are magically enchanted Fading Shadowsilk gloves created by Sam. One might notice that some of its abilities bear a resmblance to Spitter, a crossbow she enchanted for her familiar, Hextor. They have the following properties.

  • Each hand acts as a glove of storing that can store up to three magical items. Once per round, you can activate or consume a stored magic item as if you were holding it in your hand. The activation and all effects function just as normal for the item, and activation requires the same type of action.
  • You can produce a +1 Seeking Dagger of Distance as an immediate action. The weilder can throw a number of daggers in one round equal to the number of its ranged attacks x 2 if both of her hands are free. The daggers dissapear after 5 rounds. Once per six rounds, all arrows fired in one round can have one of the following properties: Phasing, Paralyzing, Silent Strike, or Explosive.
  • Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run

Strong conjuration, transmutation, and ajburation; CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item, greater magic weapon, major creation, transformation; 184,500 gp.