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Roland Shadowsong
Player NPC
Home Waterdeep
Gender Male
Race Human
Age in 1374 DR 18
Class Aristocrat 1
Alignment True Neutral
Patron deity None

Roland Shadowsong is the son of the famed Crime lord, Blake Shadowsong.


Roland Shadowsong is not like his father, and is in fact, more or less the opposite. While the boy is not particularly overly benevolent, he is at the same time not as cold or ruthless, much to the anger of his father. Roland is not the most popular of the Shadowsong boys, as that title falls to his eldest brother, who was killed when the Shadowsong family house was pulled down by the mage Cherub Vassago. He is one of the few people to escape two assassination attempts by the same assassin, the first being an attempted poisoning which failed when the dwarf Oskar Denkin, among others, helped take care of the boy's poisoning in the Laughing Titan.

Roland was close friends with the mage during his life, and consulted the mage to help him in his time of need when he was being chased down by the assassin William Listakian. Although the assassin slipped a small blade into the boy's neck while the boy was in bed, the wound was healed by the mage and the boy was carried away, unbeknownst to his assailant, who still believes the boy is dead. His current whereabouts remain unknown.