In the long past days of [[Netheril] practitioners of the Art once were able to bend arcane powers in ways no one today still can; except a few. A small number of people from the time of Netheril, mostly liches and the ruling shades from Thultanthar, are direct survivors of that fallen empire. Some few others have researched the past thoroughly enough that they have uncovered the secrets of the ancient Netherese.

Abilities Edit

Epic Spellcasting Edit

If the character does not already possess the Epic Spellcasting feat, they now receive it as a bonus feat, assuming they meet the requirements.

Field Specialization Edit

At 1st level, the Netherese Arcanist chooses from among the Invention, Mentalism, and Variation fields a major, minor, and prohibited field.

  • Invention: afflict, armor, conjure, destroy, energy, slay, summon.
  • Mentalism: banish, compel, conceal, contact, delude, forsee, reveal.
  • Variation: animate, animate dead, dispel, fortify, reflect, transform, transport, ward.

Seeds contained within your chosen Major field are all counted as -5 base DC for using them in epic spells. However, the seeds in your Prohibited field are inaccessible to you. Seeds in the Minor field are unaffected.

Spell Focus Edit

The character receives the benefits to his epic spells as if he had chosen epic spells as a specialization from wizards. All epic spells that the arcanist casts have a +1 to their save DCs. The caster level, however, remains unaffected.

Backlash Resistance Edit

The Netherese Arcanist is so familiar with the ways of epic spellcasting that the energies they require take less of a toll on him. Any epic spell that would do backlash damage to the arcanist does 5 points less to the arcanist, he absorbs those points like Damage Reduction. If the spell would do continual backlash over the course of several rounds, each round of damage benefits from the 5 points reduction.

Epic Spell Artisan Edit

Netherese Arcanists have learned how to make more for less with their epic spells. When creating an epic spell, the gold piece cost is figured by muliplying the Spellcraft DC by 7,000 gp, rather than the usual 9,000 gp. Figure the XP costs accordingly.

Greater Spell Focus Edit

The character receives an additional +1 to the saves against his DCs for epic spells, as Spell Focus (epic) above, but it stacks with that ability, granting a combined total of +2.