Faerun banner showing the The Three Witches

Plot - Edit

Power swirls through the land of Faerun. Most grab at whatever they can. Mages are becoming more and more frequent, and many fear their unchecked growth. Dark organizations grow in power, and forces of good like the Harpers are waning for reasons no one fully understand. Worshipers of Shar are becoming much more frequent, and more bold in their actions.

Use of the Shadow Weave has become more and more frequent, even among common mages who don't even worship Shar. The Shades of a once-great Netheril empire have returned, and have been quick to snatch up land in the North, unchecked by kingdoms that fear the ancient power these groups hold. Rumors flow through the land of an alliance between the Shadowvar and the drow of the Underdark. The forces of light are scrambled, needing a foothold so that they may join together and hold off this tide of enemies.

Yet life goes on in Faerun as it always does. Adventurers wander the land, seeking ancient treasures or a dragon's hoard. Kings fight to defend their small kingdoms against orc raiders.