A Lawful Neutral character functions on a strict set of rules. This could be law, traditions, or anything of the sort. Order is the top thing on his list, above all else. A Lawful Neutral character does what he has to do without moral bias. This doesn't mean he does or doesn't have morals, but simply that duty comes above all else. An example of a Lawful Neutral character is a soldier who fights for his country faithfully regardless of whether or not it is the invader or the defender.

Lawful Neutral DeitiesEdit

  • Amaunator
  • Azuth
  • Helm
  • Hoar
  • Jergal
  • Kelemvor
  • Mystra
  • Red Knight
  • Savras
  • Siamorphe
  • Ulutiu
  • Urogalan

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