A Lawful Evil character is someone who respects law and order, but not decency or the wellbeing of others. Lawful Evil characters may rely on the law to maintain their power, or worry about their honour and its effect on their place in society. Lawful Evil characters are often cunning and manipulative, as they seek ways to further their own power without disrupting the order they find themselves a part of. A brutal Sheriff that maintains order through a zero-tolerance policy and swift and unnecessarily harsh punishments can be considered Lawful Evil.

Devils, with their strict heirarchy, are Lawful Evil.

Lawful Evil DeitiesEdit

  • Asmodeus
  • Bane
  • Bhaal
  • Deep Duerra
  • Gargauth
  • Hoar
  • Ilsensine
  • Iyacthu Xvim
  • Kurtulmak
  • Laduguer
  • Loviatar
  • Set
  • Tiamat