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The Iron Gauntlet of War is a magical artifact designed to kill and dominate.

Appearance and Magical Properties[]

The Iron gauntlet is large, far wider than the hand and arm that wields it. Other than enormously boosting the physical strength of whoever is wearing it, it also grants them the power to cast the extremely dangerous spell 'Implosion'.

The Gauntlet[]

The Gauntlet is pitch black, but ocassionally it's color changes, usually based on the mood of the artifact. Down the sides of this piece of armor are ancient inscriptions put by the unknown creators of the diabolical device, and reads in the language of the devils of the outer plane. The fingertips of the gauntlet are viciously sharp, and can be seen if you were to look closely enough, the pulsing life of the item itself, radiating with a clear mind of it's own, and intentions that cannot be described as anything other than dark.

This item is not only a sentient artifact, but one who has a complete one-track mind. Other than being extremely arrogant and dominating, it will usually never attach itself to someone who is of the Lawful Evil alignment type. As the Gauntlet itself is Lawful Evil, it seeks to take hold of someone who is of a different alignment, and dominate that person. Slowly but surely, it will try to turn this person to it's own alignment type, but if it sees it cannot succeed, it will usually abandon it's wielder.


Not much is known about the Iron Gauntlet, and how it came to be in the hands of it's current possessor, the assassin William Listakian, remains a mystery.