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The Gauntlet of Shadows is a magical artifact designed to counter and hinder spellcasters.

Appearance and Magical Properties[]

The Gauntlet of Shadows appears to be a black metal glove, but in truth it is really made of cloth. It allows it's user to capture all spells below the 9th level and revert it anywhere he chooses. As a creation of Shadow Magic, it cannot be stopped by Normal dispelling magic, but it cannot stop Area of effect spells, or magic of the shadow, psionic, or divine types.

"This is a gauntlet I only give my most trusted cohorts. It is a creation of Shadow Magic, so anyone trying to counter its properties with normal dispelling magic will find their efforts useless. It can absorb any magical attack directed at you and redirect that attack to a place of your choosing. However, bear in mind that psionic, divine, and shadow magic will not be affected by it. Neither will area of effects spells or spells of the 9th level or above. It’s glowing runes can be dimmed or made brighter as an act of will. It also allows the wearer to communicate telepathically with me if they are in need of assistance. Use it wisely."

Rapha Tanthul, To Deal With the Devil...

The Gauntlet[]

The dark gauntlet appears to be made of metal, but it is only made of cloth so as to not interfere with any spells being cast or hinder it's user doing the process of fighting. On the back of the palm is the sigil of Rapha etched in red, and on it's palms are various archaic runes. If one is to look closely enough, they will see the red writing appears to pulse with a life of it's own.


This gauntlet was created by Rapha Tanthul, and given to the assassin William Listakian in order to grant him enough power to defeat the Elven Commander Ares Enyalios.