The Eyes of the Golem is a potent magical device designed to agument the abilitites of a golem in service to a wizard. The eyes of the golem can only be added to the golem after creation - the golem's eye sockets must have been left empty during creation. The eyes function just as a normal golem of that type's eyes would, but they also confer several special abilities if the wizard who created the golem is also wearing the Ring of the Golem.

Abilities Edit

  • The eyes allow the golem to be stored in the ring's extradimensional compartment. During this time the golem is dormant and cannot utilize any of its abilities.
  • The construct knows the location of the wizard at all times.
  • The construct can store one 4th level or lower spell at a time.
  • The golem can Air Walk on command.
  • The golem can cast Shield Other on the wizard on command.