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Eric is a NPC found in Loradiana's history. He is the first man she loved, and the man she introduced to Mykrul. He is currently a Ghost who haunts the The Burrow where Lora first learned Necromancy, and who she visits often.

Eric as a Ghost

Home The Burrow
Gender Female
Race Ghost (former Human)
Age in 1372 DR 864 form of a 27y/o
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Patron deity Loradiana, Myrkul.


Eric is a somewhat cryptic msn, who speaks in a chilling monotone voice. He is manipulative, scheming and not afraid to hurt people to get what he wants. Towards Loradiana he attempts to act indifferent to the hurt he caused her, and acts almost as though what happened in the past was nothing.


Eric was born in the Sword Coast, but lived a hard life under the thumb of his abusive father. At the age of 12 he took his father’s hammer and beat him to death, before packing his bags and running away. He lived the life of a thief, stealing from the rich and killing anybody who got in his way. It was during his travels at the age of 16 that he met a priest of Mykrul, and began to learn the art of the Necromancer, harvesting the powers to manipulate the dead.

After serving in the temple for almost 7 years, it was during an errand that he came across the Deity Loradiana and took her back to the temple and began to teach her Necromancery. Discovering her true potential, he used her and manipulated her into letting him become one of her chosen, using the power to kill others. Eventually, Lora discovered his true nature and killed him, cursing him to a life of a Ghost to haunt the deserted Temple for eternity.

He currently resides in The Burrow, the old temple of Shar in which Lora summoned him to haunt. He acts as a guard, making sure all who enter have the black key.