Emmae is the name the Black Dragon Mehrarsa takes on when in humanoid form.

Emmae in human form
Aliases Mehrarsa
Player Damien
Home Shade Enclave
Gender Female
Race Black Dragon
3.5 ed. rules
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Languages Draconic, Common, Loross

Personality Edit

Emmae is an enigma even her master, Rapha, doesn't understand. Much of the time she is full of humor and has a generally light personality. She enjoys playing tricks on people and causing chaos. Despite her resenting Rapha for enslaving her, she is fiercly protective of him and cares for him deeply. In their adventures in the Plane of Nighmares, she hints that she loves him and wishes he would love her. Though Rapha and Emmae are known to be occasional lovers, and their relationship sometimes seems to be romantic, Rapha doesn't belive he has the ability to love - even her.

History Edit

She was born in the marshes where her mother (also a black dragon) was considered the dominant beast. However, she only lived with her mother for a few years before Rapha used his cursed magical orb to make her his slave. For a great while she resented him for it. But after being with him for nearly a thousand years she has grown to love him, though she would never admit such a thing openly to him (it is the only secret she has from him). She still resents her enslavement, but no longer hates Rapha. Her greatest desire is for him to realize he doesn’t need to orb to bind her.

Appearance Edit

While in her polymorphed human form, Emmae utilizes the magic to transform her into a human woman whose beauty is literally supernatural. She uses the form to get her way, specifically with Rapha, knowing her weakness for beautiful women. This form has extremely pale skin, bright blonde hair, and disturbingly blue eyes. Her lips are soft and pink, and her facial features are soft, but striking at the same time. She is curvy yet petite, nearly flawless perfection that is 100% artificial. Who needs natural beauty when you can polymorph?

Emmae in her natural form

In her natural form, Emmae is a huge black dragoness, the ultimate contrast to her beautiful human form. Though her dragonic form is beautifully terrifying in its own right.

Abilities Edit

Emmae wears a crystalline oval on her forehead. Though it instantly embeds itself on the forehead when applied, it can easily be removed through an act of will. It becomes invisible upon being equipped, and allows the wearer to assume one alternate form at will. If the crystal is removed, the wearer will remain in whatever form they are currently in.