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Ebony is an enchanted long-knife with frost properties.

Appearance and Magical Properties[]

This pitch black blade has several magical abilities, all of which are linked to cold. When the temperature in the area drops below freezing, the sword gives off a bright light that illuminates a wide area. The wielder of this blade is more resistant to fire damage, and it extinguishes any nonmagical or even magical fire it is thrust into, regardless of environment, but dependent on how powerful the spell is.

The Weapon[]

Ebony has a curved silver handle, with intricate designs of drakes running down the hilt, and a large gem at the pommel. The blade itself is a pure black that would all but disappear in darkness.


The knife Ebony was forged by the assassin William Listakian when he was trapped in the basements of the Drow who imprisoned him for over a decade. This knife, as well as it's counterpart Ivory are the only two pieces of equipment that have been carried about by the man ever since he was released into daylight. Initially just normal weapons, they were imbued with magical power after the assassin was humiliated by the mage Cherub Vassago.