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The Crown of Sorcerous Terror is a potent magical item forged in the shape of a dragon. The type of dragon varies for different circlets, but it is usually a chromatic dragon. The circlet is made of adamantine but tinted to look like the dragon's natural color.


  • Whoever wears the crown finds their Charisma noticeably boosted. (+6)
  • The wearer of the crown finds that the sheer evil emanating from the crown makes them harder to hit. They recieve a +4 profane bonus to AC and all saving throws.
  • The crown also has the ability to absorb up to 10 spell levels at a time and then redirect them. This only works on single target or ray spells directed at the wielder.
  • Any non-evil being who tries to wear the crown finds the evil overwhelming. They recieve 4 persistent negative levels.