This coin was an antique dating back to the ancient Netherese empire. In those days, all Netherese coins bore minor enchantments to ensure money was not conterfited. Without the use of Mythallars, these coins became useless save to those who enjoy collecting such things. This coin, however, has had a much more powerful enchantment placed on it. It can only be used by a Shade, and must be worn as an amulet.

  • The shadowstuff that composes the coin's bearer becomes attuned to the coin. If the bearer's body is to ever to perish, the coin will form a new one in 1d10 days.
  • In the meantime, the bearer's conciousness is still contained within the coin. They can percieve their surroundings, and the coin can fly at 40 ft., perfect manuverability. It can also turn invisible at will, but posesses none of the bearer's supernatural, spell-like, or other abilities. The bearer cannot communicate though the coin in any conventional sense. If any sort of resurrection effect is directed at the coin, the bearer's body will reform instantaneously.
  • The coin has a hardness of 20, 40 hitpoints, a break DC of 45, and DR 5/adamantine.

Strong Necromancy; CL: 17th; Clone, Fly, Stoneskin.