The Chaotic Neutral alignment gives the one having it freedom from being too restricted.

A Chaotic Neutral character does pretty much what she wants to do. Some may resist or resent law and order, viewing it as stifling or restrictive, or may simply like a wild life by choice. There are even some characters that may fully commit themselves to the concept of chaos itself, caring little for good or evil. She is first of all a person and nothing else, valuing her own liberty above all else and does not feel inclined to do any one thing in particular. A Chaotic Neutral character is more or less what we would call a 'non-comformist'. You should remember that while a Chaotic Neutral character is unpredictable, they are at the same time not crazy. An example of a Chaotic Neutral character is a wanderer who more or less does what she needs to do to survive.

Chaotic Neutral DeitiesEdit

  • Finder
  • Garagos
  • Ibrandul
  • Leira
  • Shaundakul
  • Shevarash
  • Tempus
  • Uthgar

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