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Captain Blackeye
Player NPC
Home None
Gender Male
Race Human
Age in 1374 DR 43
Class Fighter 6
Alignment Neutral Evil
Patron deity Umberlee

Captain Blackeye is a giant of a man, standing at what is easily six feet in height, he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. His clothes are often ragged and dirty, with a strong musty smell. He is a man of great physical strength, and his fighting style is intimidating and unstructured but deadly nonetheless.

Captain Blackeye rules over his crew with an iron fist, using intimidation to get his way. His methods are brutal but effective, and his crew is a largely successful one. Captain Blackeye was first encountered in the thread You Can Keep Your Pirate's Life. It was Blackeye's ship that attacked the vessel of Cael’Sylthen Ironside and Agatha Mallowburne and subsequently took Ironside prisoner.

After his vessel was hit by an unnaturally powerful storm, widely regarded as the wrath of Umberlee over Agatha's deception, it was Blackeye that was engaged in merciless mortal combat with Cael'sylthen and Agatha in his own chambers, his hardy constitution allowing him the ability to survive a number of seemingly incapacitating or mortal blows and still keep fighting. He was eventually thrown overboard by Ironside, however, and is now missing and presumed dead.