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This green cape is trimmed with some sort of golden material. The inside of the cape bears a symbol, also woven in gold. This symbol seems to change randomly at times - shifting between an hourglass, a rainbow, a mountain, a dog, an old man with a wizard's hat, and a witch's broom. Each of the symbols seem to correlate with one or more of the cape's abilities to some degree.


To Sam, magic as normal wizards and sorcerers used it was boring, predictable, filled with rules and expectations. When she cast a spell, however, the Weave worked with with her - creating potent if unpredictable effects. The true nature of power, she decided, was in the uncertainty and unpredictability of wild magic. But, up until that point in time, every single magical item she had ever created had been done with the boring predictability of normal magic. So she decided to try something unconventional. She set about creating a set of magical items - a ring, a cape, and some boots. Unlike normal items, however, she didn't set out with a specific enchantment or ability in mind. She let her emotion and personality guide the enchanting process, let the magic fill in the blanks. Days faded into weeks as she continued pouring raw wild magic into the items, sometimes adjusting an ability if it became too dangerous or powerful. Finally, after three months of labor, the Wild Set had been completed. Sam considers them her finest magical creations (excluding, perhaps, her beloved artigolems) so much so that she would likely rather part with a hand than one of them. They are so riddled with her emotion and personality that they are almost a part of her in some sense.


  • Can act as a Robe of Scintilating Colors on command .
  • Greater Blink, at will. The wearer dissapears in a poof of rainbow-colored smoke.
  • Wearer does not require food, water, or sleep. They still need to rest to prepare spells as normal.
  • +6 enchantment bonus to Constitution.
  • The wearer's ability to ward a certain amount of times per day is doubled. This does not confer the ability to ward if the wearer does not already have it.
  • Know of all spell casting within 60’ & can identify these spells (even if not seen) on a Spellcraft check vs. DC (15 + spell level).
  • Caster level +3

CL 26th; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Craft Wondrous Item; 497,000 gp