Bossloper Pagamoggon is an extremely large and very epic mountain man. Something of a mystery, he is the only male ever to be selected as a Chosen of Blair.

Bo, a mountain man.
Bossloper Pagamoggon
Aliases Bo
Player Damien
Home The North Spire
Gender Male
Race Hill Jovian
Age in 1373 DR 167
3.5 ed. rules
Fouchlucan Lyrist10
Arcane Hierophant7
Alignment Neutral Good
Patron deity Blair
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Druidic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, Orc, Sylvan, Terran, Undercommon

Personality Edit

Towards his friends and his students, Bo has a warm, fatherly personality. He's very caring and loving to those he holds dear, and never worries about appearing manly and as such is always ready to share his feelings. He loves peace, but does not hesitate to wade into battle with axes slicing, hammers smashing, and spells a' blazin' if he needs to, especially when one of his friends is in danger.

Bo has a special place in his heart for Sam Holloway, seeing her as the daughter he can never have (as Jovian are unable to reproduce). He is always looking out for her best interests, and some say he cares more for Sam than he does his deity. Bo is very wary of Sam's ever-growing magical power and worries that if she does not check it soon it will consume her. He also worries that less-than-honorable organizations will try and take advantage of her vast magical powers to turn to their own gain.

Appearance Edit

Standing at ten feet and weighing over 400 pounds, Bo is certainly not the norm in any human settlement. His skin is white and hardened from years of battle, and and his hair and beard have both grown long and unkempt. His hair is in the process of turning gray and is almost finished. Despite his large height he also has a massive girth - a combination of muscle and a few too many extra helpings at dinner. He wears brown armor, but it is hidden by the great red robe he wears over it. Some people take the color of the robe to mean he is a wizard of Thay, but he is not a wizard and has never been through the region. He uses a variety of weapons when wading into melee combat, and can be seen wearing different weapons at different times.

History Edit

Bo was borne to a hill giant woman who had gotten romantic with a rather handsome and strong barbarian she had come across. Bo was always the smallest in his village, and grew up being constantly picked on by his peers and superiors alike. This served to make him terribly conscious of the limits of his strength, and he tried to make up for it in other ways. Though, like all of the other children in his tribe, he was trained as a warrior he was never able to match the raw physical power of his peers. Instead, he focused on learning tactics that used tactics and movement as much as it did strength. Since his kind also enjoyed music, he tried to learn the pipes as well and actually became fairly good with them.

Despite his attempts to be an equal among his people, though, he just couldn't ever feel at home with them. So he left, living in the woods as a hermit for a few years before he stumbled into Blair on one of her magical item hunts. She took a liking to the giant, and recognized his latent talent for magic. He became one of her favorite students as she coached him in the arts of the sorcerer and the druid. Over the next few decades, Bo would continue hone his talents. He even convinced himself to leave his life of a recluse in the forest for brief periods of times. Humans weren't in general all to accepting of him, and elves even less so. He made a few friends with a nearby dwarf community and helped them in their frequent orc problems from time to time.

One day, when hunting in the forest for dinner, he came across a beautiful maiden in the process of being robbed by raiders. He went to help, but upon getting closer he realized the scene wasn't what he had expected. The maiden was actually some kind of noble-born mage, and it wasn't normal bandits who were robbing her, but dark wizards. He nevertheless waded into the fray, but the wizards were far more powerful than he could have imagined. When battling them, he was hit by a prismatic bolt that sent him flying through the realms and into the eighth hell. There, he was forced to serve Mephistopheles for a bit over a century. He bid his time, though, and continued to grow in power. One day, Mephistopheles was distracted by a powerful intruder into his realm and he escaped.

Upon returning to Faerun, Bo realized that things had changed more than he had imagined. The most notable being that Blair - the woman who had taught him his Craft - was now a deity. He immediately dedicated his life to serving her, especially after learning that the distraction that had allowed him to escape Mephistopheles was her own doing as she sought to protect her dear friend. It wasn't long before Blair made him one of her six Chosen. He was the second to be selected and the only male in the group. Blair tasked him with winning over Samantha Holloway. Upon meeting Sam, he quickly took to her and she to him. They had both been isolated among their people for matters beyond their control and both had a strong connection to magic. They were also both Chosen, but Sam wasn't aware of that.

Though Bo only sees Sam every once in a while, they are still very close. He actually has a room Sam set up for him in Cryshal-Tirith and is one of the few friends Sam has trusted enough to allow limited access to the Nether Scrolls (though can do so only through his replica of Sam's Ebon Jewel. He only stays at the tower a few times every month, to be an active part in her life. She views him as a beloved, wise mentor.

Character Sheet Edit

Size/Type: Large Humanoid

Hit Dice: 1d4 + 18d6 +1d8 + 5d12 + 10 (HP: 185)

Initiative: +1

Speed: 40 ft., 40 ft. (climb)

AC: 14

BAB/Grapple: +43/+37/+32/+27

Space/Reach: 10 ft. / 10 ft.

Special Attacks/Qualities: Rock Throwing, Deflect Rock, Darkvision 60 ft., Rage 2/day, Channel Animal 2/day, Channel Plant 1/day

Saves: Fort: +15 Ref: +13 Will: +25

Abilities: Str 45 + 12 (+23), Dex 12 (+1), Con 18 + 12 (+10), Int 12 (+1), Wis 26 (+8), Cha 30(+10)

Caster Levels: Bard, Druid 18, Sorcerer 18

Treasure: Head: --; Face: Nether Stone; Neck: -- ; Chest: Sam's Tunic; Body: Bo's Armor; Back: Robe of Blair; Wrists: Bracers of Relentless Might; Hands: Gloves of Hurling; Fingers: Ring of Weaponbreaking, Ring of Rapid Healing; Waist: Sam's Belt; Feet: --; Worn Elsewhere: Titan's Maul, Goliath, The Piper

Advancement: By character level

Level Adjustment: +5