Blake Shadowsong
Player NPC
Home Waterdeep
Gender Male
Race Human
Age in 1374 DR 48
Class Aristocrat 7

Fighter 3

Alignment Lawful Evil
Patron deity None

Blake Shadowsong was the head of the Shadowsong family, a particularly notorious crime family based in Waterdeep and having deep ties into Skullport.

History Edit

Blake Shadowsong was born in Waterdeep, and raised by his father to take on the mantle of the head of the family in the event of his death, which came not soon after the boy entered manhood. His father was killed by a rival cartel, and at a young age he was taken to the top of the family, ruling over them all with an iron fist as he had been taught. Overtime, the reckless boy became a lot more careful, and a lot more ruthless to both his enemies and his underlings, so much so to the point that he became a sort of deity to them. They are practically brainwashed, and most would serve him even onto death.

Blake Shadowsong was finally killed at the age of 48, when the assassin William Listakian was hired to kill his son. The assassin failed in his attempt, and once Blake found out he prepared machinations to kill the man, and although he almost succeeded, Blake Shadowson was eventually killed by the assassin with a blade to the neck, in the thread Into the fire