The Chosen of Mystra are, similarly to the Chosen of other deities, mortals who have been specifically blessed by Mystra. Due to this blessing they gain access to unprecedented magical power. Mystra's Chosen are all concerned with fighting evil and imbalances in the Weave.

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Chosen of Mystra gain many benefits from her blessing, but there are a few notable powers that they gain. Obviously, they all have a greater command of the magic they wield, seeming to be able to cast more often with less effort. They also become more familiar with magic; able to detect its presence. In addition, many also develop immunities to magic, and eventually immunities to disease and poison. They become much more hardy, showing a toughness uncharacteristic of most mages.

Mystra's Chosen are also immune to the deleterious effects from the casting and wearing of a mantle: they suffer no loss of health or the removal of spells from their minds upon the raising of a mantle or the cumulative daily requirement of the spell.

The most sought after, mysterious, and powerful benefit Mystra's Chosen gain from her blessing, however, is silver fire, a unique ability to conjure a silvery flame in a variety of functions.

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