Moonshae: Die Mondschein-Inseln ist ein Regelwerk der 1. Edition von AD&D zur Region der Mondschein-Inseln. Neben dem Regelbuch war ebenfalls eine mehrseitige Karte enhalten.

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Amid the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea west of the mainland, a group of rocky islands lies exposed to the full brunt of winter gales. These isles-The Moonshaes-are home to some of the hardiest folk of the Forgotten Realms.

Now the Moonshaes-the setting of the first FORGOTTEN REALMS novel, Darkwalker on Moonshae-are detailed for your roleplaying campaign. The cultures, deities, and locales of the isles are described in AD&D game terms. This source book includes full-color maps displating the Moonshaes and surrounding islands, many close-up maps depicting particular regions of the Moonshaes, and all the information you need to establish a campaign on these misty lands with Celtic roots.

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